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Four Pillar Investment Strategy


Adrienne offers comprehensive wealth management solutions for your unique financial needs. By taking a holistic approach, we are able to provide long-term solutions and short-term opportunities, all underpinned by a methodical strategy centered around your values.

Investment Counseling Program (ICP)

This serves as the core pillar of Adrienne's investment strategy.
We provide discretionary money management from world class portfolio managers with diverse styles and investment mandates.


Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are the third pillar used to “fill in the gaps”. Mutual Funds are used for clients looking for alternative investments, emerging markets, and hedge fund exposure.

Active Trading Platform (ATP)

This serves as the second pillar and acts as a complementing or satellite position to the ICP. The objective is to drive portfolio returns that significantly outperform the benchmark, generating more alpha than the ICP portfolio.

Cash Management

We have one of Canada's leading Cash Management groups here at Canaccord Genuity. We help our clients preserve capital and maximize yield, without compromising liquidity.