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Discovery Meeting

In our first meeting, you set the agenda. Talk to us about your financial hopes, concerns and fears. The more you share with us about your relationship with money, the better we can tailor our advice.

Following this meeting, we ask you to send us the details of your financial situation. Working together, we run the numbers and develop several potential courses of action.  

Commitment Meeting

In our second meeting, we present scenarios visually and encourage you to react to them. We need to know how you honestly feel about potential gains and losses before we can recommend the best approach for you.

Wealth Management Plan Meeting

Following this meeting, we begin to implement your wealth plan.  It may encompass investment planning and advanced strategies such as tax, estate and insurance planning.

Follow-up & Progress Meeting

Your wealth plan is not static. As your lifestyle and your relationship with money evolve over the years, we revisit every component at regularly scheduled appointments. And anytime you want to chat about what’s working for you and what’s not, we’re available.