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Tax & Estate Planning

The objective of our planning is to give you a sound foundation that will provide for you and your family well into your senior years. And, when the time comes, your estate will be a comprehensive plan designed to maximize benefits to your beneficiaries.  


Wealth Enhancement 

We help to take full advantage of the tax laws, and to supplement our services, we have a network of professionals who can offer accounting and legal representation for both Canada and the United States. Many of our clients find our global network is helpful as they find their work in Canada, the US and in other countries.

We are also licensed to deliver collaborative thinking for both investment strategy and their tax planning for US residents.


Estate Planning

We work closely with you to assist with:

  • Strategies to minimize probate taxes, offset capital gains and incomes taxes, and minimize estate taxes (for U.S. residents)
  • Supporting executors and trustees to help reduce legal expenses
  • Succession planning and developing alter-ego, family, joint, inter vivos and testamentary trusts
  • Gifting to the causes that you feel passionate about


Protecting Yourself & Your Family – Living Benefits

If you are just starting a business, getting married, starting a family, or finding yourself in retirement, we can assist in developing advanced planning strategies to protect your wealth through risk mitigation, legal structures or by transferring risk to insurance companies. We have access to the full range of insurance solutions from all the major carriers.

  • Protection for you and your family: your lifestyle, your family’s dreams
  • Disability, critical Illness, and long-term care insurance


Leaving your Legacy

Finances are just a part of your plan. Your legacy is not about money; it is about reflecting your values and beliefs. 

We can help you in writing your legacy letter expressing your values, your hopes and dreams, your love for your family, friends and community. Some further express themselves through their ethical will. Through this process, your charity(ies) are identified and a trust or foundation may be required to help provide funding to the various organizations.


*Services provided by Canaccord Genuity Wealth & Estate Planning Services Ltd.

Mindful of your current and future financial needs, as well as your desire to establish a financial legacy, we work to help you navigate the complexities of wealth transfer and integrate your vision into your estate plan. 

  • 13 Wealth & Estate Planning Specialists and support staff
  • Cohesive and collaborative team
  • Extensive industry designations: CPA, CFP ®, CLU, CHS, TEP, RRC, FCSI, FMA
  • Specialists in advanced estate planning - Corporate trusts, farming, complex tax-focused insurance strategies


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We offer an initial consultation at no charge to discuss your current financial status and future goals.